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The Bubble chair was designed by Finland’s Eero Aarnio in 1968 for the modern designer retro home . It was effectively designed as an evolution of his Ball chair, with all of the accoustic and calming qualities associated with it – as well as the ability to see your surroundings and experience a calming floating sensation. Initially he had wanted to mount it on a clear base, but quickly found that there was no elegant way of doing so, which left him with the inspired idea of suspending it from above. The chair makes a stunning centrepiece in any room which everyone will want to sit in! The bubble chair is instantly recognisable and has featured in many music videos films and TV shows due to its amazing timeless retro design.

A true iconic piece of designer furniture. It hangs from the ceiling, swaying back and forth like a swing. It’s round, like a ball. It’s big and thick enough to isolate you in your own little world of privacy and comfort. Yet it’s also transparent, allowing you full view of whatever might be going on in the world around you. Strikingly cool and chic. Clear with a high visual impact. Quality silver fabric cushions with an adjustable height chain.


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