StyleWriter EA119 Eames Office Chair

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Minimum Order Quantity is 4.

Eames Office EA117 and EA119 Style Chairs. Ergonomically Designed Management Office Chairs for maximum comfort and durability.

Our Eames EA117 and EA119 Aluminium Management Office Chairs are considered to be the greatest modern designer Office Chair of the 20th century. The 4Retro Eames Office Chair was inspired by Charles and Ray Eames , and remain true to the original high quality designs.

Whilst modern manufacturing technology allows 4Retro to lower unit costs, exactly the same unique Eames modern design style and quality materials are used to reproduce this classic mid century retro office chair.

The 4Retro Eames Office Chair is inspired from the original Aluminium Group, this slender ergonomic Eames Office Chair is perfect in any retro modern office or contemporary home.

The 4Retro Eames Office Chairs are available in Low Back or High Back, in black, tan, dark brown or mesh.

The name Charles Eames is only used to describe the characteristics and not as a trademark. 4Retro style designed quality products are reproductions inspired by the original designer and not trademarked copies.


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