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The Sunshine Designer Ball Chair designed by Sergio at Retro Europe is a high quality reproduction inspired by Eero Aarnio.

The Sunshine Ball Chair is the same as a our existing model, except for the distinctive sunshine red band around the shell.

The Sunshine Ball Chair or ‘Globe Chair’ is a top quality designer styled Ball Chair at an affordable price. The Ball Chair envelopes and cocoons you within a spherical shell.

It is a modern designer classic influenced by the acclaimed designer Eero Aarnio, and finished in white polished gel coat over fibreglass with an interior in Red Danish cloth. The retro Sunshine Ball Chair is set upon a swivel base. It is fun and funky.

The Sunshine Ball Chair was originally conceived by Aarnio in the swinging 60’s as a chair for his own home. The Ball Chair creates a room within a room. A cosy, quite space, which is perfect for reading, contemplation or telephone calls!

The Sunshine Globe Chair from Retro Europe turns around a full 360 degrees on its base and makes a dramatic impact in any room.

The Sunshine Ball Chair is available immediately from Retro Europe in white shell with a red interior. The chair is in stock – no delay.

The name Eero Aarnio is only used to describe the characteristics and not as a trademark. 4Retro style designed quality products are reproductions inspired by the original designer and not trademarked copies.


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